5 Reasons Why Your Thai Girlfriend Will Make Your Life Worth Living

sexy thai girlWhenever I tell someone that my girlfriend is Thai, I look into a confused and irritated face. This slightly shocked facial expression is usually accompanied by the following words: “oh, okay.”

The reason why people tend to react a bit strange when you tell them that your girlfriend was born and raised in The Land of Smiles is pretty simple. At least 90% of the people who think about Thai women imagine professional gold diggers who work in the bar girl districts of the country.

Well, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Just because the documentaries about this country are mainly about the red light districts, doesn’t mean that all the beautiful women in this country are prostitutes.

I know dozens of wonderful Thai girls and they work in completely normal jobs, just like the women in your home country. Heck, I even know an extremely beautiful woman in Bangkok who works as a CEO assistant.

The stereotype that all women in this country want your money is nothing but a lie. There are thousands of genuine and honest women who are looking for a genuine and honest man. There are thousands of women in Thailand that make your life worth living and the following reasons will show you why.

  1. Her Feminine Charm is Addictive

Let me tell you something about Thai women. These ladies are the definition of femininity. The way they walk, the way they talk and the way the dress shows the feminine power of the women in Thailand.

While you see a lot of women in the West who just don’t give a damn about how they are perceived by others, you won’t find that in Thailand. The women are extremely cautious when it comes to their appearance. They won’t leave the house without a beautiful dress and without at least a glimpse of makeup.

The way they walk and talk is in perfect alignment with the way they look. They walk with feminine elegance. I have never seen a Thai woman who couldn’t walk in high heels.

Does she scream at you when she thinks that she is right and you are wrong? No. She knows how to behave. She knows how to communicate like a lady. She talks with respect and you will respect and love her for it.

  1. Her Support is Limitless

Be honest. Why do you really want a relationship? Yes, the long walks in the park and the romantic movie nights are all fine and dandy, but the real value of a relationship has nothing to do with the ability to sit on the couch together and eat popcorn.

The true value of a relationship reveals itself when you need each other. You only know that you have a healthy relationship when your partner gives you the support that you need in order to thrive and succeed.

From all the guys I met who dated Thai girls, I have met quite a few who told me that their girlfriends are more supportive than any other girl they have ever dated. My own experience shows the same. My girlfriend has seen me both at my lowest and at my highest and she was always there for me.

If you want a woman who supports you and who is there for you when you need her, dating a woman who was born and raised in the Land of Smiles if definitely not the worst idea.

Thai Girlfriend

  1. Her Beauty is Exceptional

Have I already told you that the women in this country are exceptionally beautiful? Okay, I have told you that they know how to dress and how to use makeup to underline their beauty, but what I mean when I talk about their beauty is nothing you have to cover up with makeup.

I am talking about their natural beauty. I am talking about their soft skin, their beautiful eyes and their long and straight black hair. I know that there are some men who are not into Asian women, but to be honest, I will never be able to understand those men.

The beauty of an Asian woman and especially the beauty of a Thai woman are breathtaking. During my time in Bangkok I have seen some of the most beautiful women that I have ever seen and no, none of them was a ladyboy.

The beauty of the women in the Land of Smiles is exceptional and I am sure you will enjoy every second you look at your girlfriend.

  1. Her Friendliness is Invigorating

Have you ever seen a woman who nagged her boyfriend in public? Have you ever seen a woman who was rude and completely disrespectful to her boyfriend and you had to witness this poor guy getting emotionally ripped apart?

I have seen it many times, but I have never seen it in Thailand. Oh wait, I’ve seen it there too, but the couple was British. When you decide to date the local women, it is very unlikely that something like this will happen to you.

The women in the Land of Smiles will treat you with respect. They won’t just scream at you in public, just because they want to create some drama. They tell you when they are angry about something, but they tell you in private. The women in Thailand respect their boyfriends.

They not only respect you, they also treat you and all the other people in their life with a friendliness that is invigorating. I mean, the country is famous for the friendly attitude and the welcoming smiles.

And I promise you one thing. When your Thai girlfriend smiles at you, you will feel like the happiest man on earth.

thai girls

  1. Her Values are Timeless

Whenever I look at relationships between women and men who both grew up in the West, I get the feeling that something is missing. Somewhere along the way the interplay between the male and female energy turned into a battle between two energies that can’t decide if they are male or female.

The women become manlier while the men continue to back down and to give away all their power. This is very common in relationships in the West, but it is also extremely unhealthy. You often look at those couples and within seconds you see that both are completely miserable.

This won’t happen in Thailand. The women in this country are raised with traditional family values. They have no interest in becoming the leader in the relationship. They have no interest in being the one who wears the pants.

They want to be the feminine women they are and they want you to be the manly leader that you want to be. They know that this is the path to a fulfilling relationship and I hope you know that this is the kind of relationship that will fulfill you.

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