Date wonderful Filipino girls in 2017

filipino sex girlsThe name of my beloved woman is Michaela. I have met her at wonderful website date Filipino girls. She is very attentive and loving lady. And I can say, that I’m the happiest man ever.

Actually, both of us had great life experience, not a very successful marriage but I hope now we have the patience and wisdom to preserve the new feelings for a long time, to establish a life, to strengthen a reliable relations.

I registered on the site on July 4, 2015 and on the same day I received a message from Michaela, in which she offered to talk, while on the phone. We did not have long correspondence on the site, she immediately asked for a phone number. And so began our communication. To be honest, I did not believe in the success of this event.

We spent hours chatting on the phone about everything and nothing, I spent hours every day looking at photos on her page, imagining what she was. I made a proposal to her before the meeting, I was confident in my choice. On her part, of course there was a fear. But everything was more than great.

We met on October 2, I arrived with a bouquet of scarlet roses. There was a twofold sense, as a native person, but at the same time a stranger. But this did not last long. Now it is simply impossible to imagine how we lived without each other. She was about person I dreamed of. I believed and hoped that there would be a holiday on my street, and here it is – the HOLIDAY of my soul, my heart, and most importantly – that our feelings are mutual. And on December 31, 201 we decided to get married. THANK YOU FOR HAPPINESS !!!

wonderful Filipino girls

With all my heart and soul, accept the words of sincere gratitude. Thank you for giving the joy of communication and happiness to people.

Moreover, on the site I found thousands of useful advice, which helped me to make my choice.

  • Show yourself as a hero. The girl will be much easier to win if she sees in you the image of Spiderman, or Batman. Show yourself as a hero, do something special: repair the computer and cranes, protect her from hooligans, help grandmothers cross the road, remove the kittens from the trees (beforehand throwing them there). In general, be all so desperate and heroic, then, by all means, you will be able to win the heart of any girl.
  • Make friends with her friends. How do you think, whom she advised with before starting a relationship with you? Of course not with dad and mom. Friends – this is the direction in which you need to develop your next steps. Just do not dare to flirt with them too violently, or in other words, wedge the wedges. Friends should not take you for a jolly dog. It will be useful to learn to perceive them as guys and communicate with them the way you do with your bodies (just not so bawdy). Drink with them. And, of course, show these madams how you care of your beautiful woman, how you look at her in a special way, how beautifully she is for you. If you do everything right, a fat plus on the way to conquer a girl is already in your pocket.
  • Be the first. To conquer a girl, learn to congratulate her first with all the events that are significant for her. Find out all the important dates for her (birthday, anniversary of the first month, a wake for her beloved hamster) and insert them into reminders on your mobile and a calendar on your computer, or you can also wallpaper on your bed. And, of course, always congratulate her with some of your joint dates, for example a month after dating or exactly 50 days after the first kiss. I know it’s funny, but a romantic girl’s nature will appreciate it!
  • Is it important for you to remember the color of girl’s eyes? Probably not. But for the girl this is the first sign of the seriousness of your relationship with all that follows.


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