Uzbekistan Dating

Uzbekistan DatingThe best way of finding singles in Uzbekistan is with the help of on-line dating. Why? The Uzbek society is very conservative and Islam confession leaves a deep imprint in the nature of Uzbek people. Uzbek men distinguish two types of Uzbek women: the ones they marry and the ones they have sex with.

Casual sexual affairs between the foreigners and Uzbek women are very rare; however, it can work with other ethnicities living on the territory of Uzbekistan. Alongside with reserved nature of Uzbek women prostitution is thriving in Uzbekistan. Don’t be surprised if you meet a ‘not marrying’ type of Uzbek woman and you have sex with her, she will ask you for fifty bucks, no, she maybe not a prostitute; this is just the way to pay the bills.

If it happens to you that you marry an Uzbek woman, be aware of the fact that marrying her, you marry her entire family. Be also aware that in the morning after the wedding night her relatives and neighbors would come into the bedroom to witness the blood-stained sheets, the so-called ‘Japanese flag’, as the proof of bride’s virginity. This is a requirement to be met.

Homosexuals are imprisoned in Uzbekistan since sodomy is illegal in this country, they do present in Uzbekistan, but extremely underground.